Tungsten Alloy Block for Military Defense

Tungsten Alloy Block for Military Defense Picture

Tungsten alloy block often used as counterweights for military defense,such as counterweights for hunting gun, prefabricated fragments, the missile weapons and counterweights for oil logging.

The military tungsten alloy block part adopts the technology of metal injection molding which near net shape technology and the processing methods compared with conventional superiority is a manufacturing quality precision component. Directly manufacturing small sized part about 0.1g to 200g with complicated geometric shapes, compared to investment casting and powder metallurgy, the metal injection molding parts' tolerance can be held to +/-0.1~0.5%, having high relative density 95 percent to 99 percent and more consistent microstructure and higher mechanical property. Without or only minute quantity of machine work needed, material use rate as high as 97%, part dimension being of small manufacture tolerance, and repeatability, adjustable material composition, fine parts surface smoothness, improvable strength and wearing resistance by heat treatment.

The reasons for using tungsten alloy
Steel and lead also can be used as counterweights for military defense, why we choose tungsten heavy alloy as counterweight?First because the tungsten heavy alloys have very high melting point and density which are twice than steel and more than 50% heavier than lead, which is important in the case of needing high weights while low volume. And it has high density and high tensile strength, separately ranging from16.5 to18.75 g/ cm and 700 to 1000Mpa. Then tungsten alloy block has good corrosion resistance, weld ability, machinability and low thermal expansion.

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